Feasterville, PA


Concussion Management Resources
In November of 2012, our associations Board of Directors passed a policy endorsing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 101, known as the “Safety In Youth Sports Act.”  The Policy on Concussion Procedure and Protocol mandates concussion education for everyone involved in our sport, including parents and players.  This policy also mandates certification for all coaches.  In addition, all member organizations must annually certify that they are compliant with the policy.
(This is a helpful sheet every coach should keep in their coach’s bag so they have it at every game)
(COACHES: should make sure all parents of the players on their team are given a copy of the Fact sheets before the soccer season begins)
(Test is about 30min long. You will watch videos, scenarios, and given bullet point facts. During and at the end you will be asked questions. Once the test is completed you will receive your certificate. Please print this certificate and give to the appointed person in your club who will be in charge of collecting them.)